wynajem profesjonalnego sprzętu niezbędnego do prowadzenia badań klinicznych

Grim Farm

Grim Farm Sp. Z o.o. (limited liability company) was founded in 2006 as an independent company with Polish capital. The company combines the knowledge of both pharmacists and doctors acquired during many years of their professional experience of working in Polish hospitals, pharmaceutical concerns as well as CRO.

The dynamic development of the company has enabled us to obtain new projects and expend the range of our services in the field of clinical trials and research. The number of satisfied customers is constantly growing and includes both Polish and international pharmaceutical companies and  CRO firms. The team of the company’s experiences and qualified workers is also expanding. Their advanced skills together with their individual professional development account for various training courses and ensure pleasant working environment.

Equipment rental

wynajem sprzętu do badań klinicznych

We are the first Polish company to offer the rental services of professional equipment necessary to carry our clinical research and tests. Our equipment hold appropriate  international certificates ...


Patient travel expenses reimbursement

Zwrot Kosztów Podróży Pacjenta

We offer professional services in the field of the travel expenses management of patients taking part in clinical trials in Poland hence exempting researchers, CRO companies and sponsors from organizational, legal and tax problems connected with that obligation.